Raspberry Ridge

Raspberry Ridge
Spring 2010

Come Share in My Dream

My adventure started in earnest during 2002 when I began building my handcrafted log lodge. I have always dreamed of having a bed and breakfast to pamper new and old friends in the process.

The hard work is underway. Please follow my progress and plan a stay to experience what I lovingly call "Raspberry Ridge Bed and Breakfast".

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A vision developed during a lifetime, but where's the mission statement?

After years of business consulting in both the public and private sector, you'd think I would know enough to plan our dream by the book.  I do but I didn't.

First came a dreamscape formulation of "the vision".  Childhood brought this destiny of mine first into focus.  My recurring dreams would always give way to a common theme.  There would be layers of dust over clutter in  rooms with floors that could give way with one wrong step, or a roof so sorely in need of repair that I would live a floor down to avoid exposure to the elements.

As I grew older, the dreams became more sophisticated.  At times, I would dream there was no money for the necessary repairs and so I would live in a partially completed but magically mine world of my creation.  I would lovingly layer construction with dreamy hues of paint, wall coverings, and .furnishings.

Adulthood brought familiarity to my dreams.  I would now stumble upon a house in disrepair but instantly see my future in its potential. I would look past the layers of cobwebs and dust to the treasures hidden beneath.  There I would find my destiny - always I would successfully complete my masterpiece.  Sparkling rooms with sunshine flooding onto treasures uncovered.  Rooms filled with activity and motion, people happily milling about in 'my home'.  The dream would always culminate in a bed and breakfast and/or dining fantasy land of satisfaction and achievement.

Clearly, the vision for our business plan was set years ago and refined throughout my lifetime.

Oddly enough, I am just now getting to the detail of a proper 'mission statement' for Raspberry Ridge Bed and Breakfast.  Yes, one would think it should have been completed years ago.

Before the hand clearing of our road, local logger harvesting and delivery of dead fall logs from what became officially known as the 4th of July, 1999 Boundary Waters-Canadian Derecho or the "Boundary Waters Blowdown"..  

I didn't develop a mission statement before Jim and I started draw knifing those massive red pine logs.  The walls went up, the roof  completed, the interior floor hung, a room finished and still no mission statement.

So tonight I made my first pass at what may or may not be the final mission statement for Raspberry Ridge Bed and Breakfast.

"Raspberry Ridge Bed and Breakfast is a destination making a difference.

We provide a unique lodging experience by welcoming guests to our handcrafted, eco-friendly log home.

Guests experience a return to simple pleasures in Minnesota's majestic North Shore wilderness while being offered organic and local fare, chemically free and refreshing living quarters, and  the beauty and serenity of a sustainable, north woods retreat."